5 (Five) Laws of Lawn Mowers [In 2020]

Laws of lawnmower

Mowing the lawn is one of the most necessary tasks in your care. A regular cut is the only way to get a thick, abundant, fertile, and plethoric lawn. Planting in the gardens is not recommended if you lived in a climate where rainfall is scarce. This situation is lagging behind since we have more types of grass whose care is low. If what you want to have is a spectacular green carpet, you should know the cutting techniques that most do not apply due to ignorance and details read the laws of lawnmowers.

Laws of Lawn Mowers

We will explain the laws of lawnmowers and tips to mow the lawn. It will be more advisable to use some tools or others Depending on the surface occupied by the lawn. For example, you can use small pruning shears if the area covers it is rather small. But if it is rather large and tall it is better to use scissors that are usually used to cut hedges. It may take time but the result will be worth it.


It is important to cut always more or less at the same height. We advise you to do this when you have already cut a corner, go a few meters away to check that it is mowed well and that they do not look like mountains. We will explain gradually laws of lawnmowers from the most basic to the most advanced. Clarified the right time what you need to know is how to mow the lawn so that it looks good. You can enjoy it as soon as possible without making the typical mistakes. Also, you can know 6 best mowers for hills Reviews

The 5 (Five) laws Of Lawn Mowers That We’ve Probably All Broken:

01. Laws of General Laws:

The most basic laws of lawnmowers thing are that you have to build parallel paths going through the machine on the grass. It is that simple you start in a corner and end up in the opposite direction. It is best to divide it into sectors and cut one by one if your land is an irregular surface. If you have slopes, it is recommended that the paths be perpendicular. That does not go uphill downhill, but from one side to the other at the same level of inclination. If your machine is a motor and manual traction, you will particularly appreciate it because you will not have to push all its weight up.


The grass will be more caked which makes cutting difficult and impairs its quality. If it is a manual lawn mower, the mechanisms of the tool you are using can also be stuck. That is why we advise you to mow the lawn before watering. Sometimes the grass cannot be cut dry simply because the environment moistens it. In these cases, we have to remove as much water with a garden broom, but be careful not to damage the grass.

Another difficulty you can find is that the grass has grown a lot. To cut the tall grass it is best to pass first a lawn rake trying to align the stems and remove small branches and stones that hinder the work of the blades. You must choose the maximum cutting height and lower it with different passes until you reach the level you want. If you try to cut large lengths from the first time it is possible that the machine will be stuck or that there will be uncut areas.

02. Laws of Lawn-mowing:

Laws of Lawn-mowing

Before using lawnmowers, it is advisable to disinfect it with a few drops of pharmacy alcohol. In this way, it will stop the grass from being affected by fungi, which could harm you seriously. It is also important that, when you finish mowing the lawn, you pass the rake to remove the pieces of grass cut it will look much more impressive. You can follow the following laws of lawnmowers.

  • Remove obstacles that prevent your freedom of movement, particularly the typical pots that are placed on the edges of the lawn. If you do it at the beginning, you will not have to be stopping and starting the machine constantly.
  • Collect all the material you are going to use:
  • Your cutting machine: check that it is ready blades, battery, gasoline, oil.
  • Protective material: glasses, footwear, gloves, mask.
  • We recommend that you use a garden container that will stop the bag from closing at the time of filling.
  • Choose which cutting technique suits you best and what height you intend to leave on the grass, so you do not have to manage and ruin the aesthetic stripes.
  • Value if you are interested in taking advantage of other lawn maintenance tasks such as replanting an area, paying, or scarifying.

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Lawn-mowing tips

You must follow the following laws of lawnmowers to get a good performance from your lawnmower. Since they are the ones that best fit the design of the cutting housing and the direction of rotation of the blade:

  • If you mow, lawn cut clockwise as this will give you the best performance.
  • You are going to perform Mulching, cut counterclockwise.
  • If the terrain has many obstacles and it is difficult to follow the pattern, cut the grass by sections.

03. Laws to cut the grass with a lawnmower:

Using a lawnmower will be essential in almost all cases whether manual or motorized. The mower without engine has no inscrutability you have to pass its cutting cylinder for every meter of grass. In our laws of lawnmowers, we suggest you to incorporate a basket that collects the grass chips that you leave.

  • If you are going to use an electric lawnmower with cable, the most important thing is that you make sure it is of sufficient length. You can assurance it with an extension cable. The only complexity you can find is that the cable is lying while you use it.
  • Place it on the ground free of obstacles to avoid it so that it can be unrolled as you pull. Cutaway more and more from the plug and not vice versa, because this way you will keep away from stepping on the cable meters when you return.
  • It would be different if you were to use a lawnmower with a battery. Then all you have to worry about is that it is charged sufficiently to last all day.
  • In both cases, depends on the model the start is simple consisting of pressing a button. You will have to be combined with operating a lever for more safety.
  • It is no longer so simple if your tool is addicted to gasoline. The maximum power has to have something against it and it requires a little more preparation.
  • Check that you have full oil and gas tanks as indicated in the instructions for use. You may have to prime the engine to start it. If required the safety crank and voila you pull the starter strap while operating.
  • In spite of how the engine of your machine is fed take particular care when making direction changes while mowing the lawn. These machines generally weigh a minimum of about 10 kg so if you turn them the wrong way you can tear grass and dirt.
  • To do it right, lift the rear wheels and turn a little, then with the front wheels and so on until you get the desired position. It is slower without a doubt, but destroying your garden for a few seconds is not gainful.
  • The most significant points you need to know to preserve your optimum lawn lie in aspects. These could be such as mowing height, mowing frequency, what species are most recommended to plant, how to water and which lawnmower is most suitable. Below we detail each of these points.

04. The main mowing height laws:

The normal height at which the grass is maintained is about 5 centimeters. However, very fine lawns are left shorter 1-2 cm. keeping the grass very low has the disadvantage that the roots are shallow and rather weak. Keep this in mind because both in winter and in summer because of the heat it would be preferable to keep the grass a little higher than normal. As this will develop stronger roots and be stronger to withstand these 2 complicated periods. Therefore, in theory, if in winter it is high, better that will better survive the cold and in summer. It needs more watering frequency more water because there is more leaf area. Its roots will be deeper and you will enjoy a more strong green.

Mowing height

Mowing the grass at the right height is principal to your health, but the ideal height is altered to the type of grass, the time of year and the growing conditions. Grass requires that it be mowed more frequently during the period of high growth.

05. Laws to mow the lawn with lawnmowers:

If you are fortunate to have a very large garden and you envy those completely arranged sports stadiums asking you how they will cut the grass of a football field, we have the answer lawnmowers. If you want to get a professional cut and you will have to use a built-in roller to leave those remarkable stripes, as we tell you in the second part. The operation is similar to a vehicle key to start, accelerator and brake, and you turn with the steering wheel.

Tips to cut the grass

Remember that the terrain should be small if not choose a machine with more capacity. The trimmers work with a motor that can be electric or gasoline, also depending on the width of cut, the type of blades and the resistance of its materials are offered varied prices. You will have to hold it with the arms power so we recommend that your model has handles for both hands. They are extremely useful as a complement to a traditional machine because they allow you to reach difficult areas such as that grass. That grows between the stones of a road or the boundaries of the lawn with the house.


We present the 5 laws of lawnmowers that you can take advantage of to mow the lawn. Lawnmowers improve the absorption of the mowed grass and its projection to the deposit. So you will avoid having to collect the remains of mowed grass afterward. The power and performance of engines guarantee to mow the lawn they will not lose power, even in tall or very rustic and resistant lawns.

Finally, the quality of the engines is related to its noise level and its ease of cold starting when the engine is better, less noise to make and greater cold starting capacity. Actually, the way of using a manual pruner is very easy. You should keep in mind our law’s lawnmowers when putting it into action.

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