15 Lessons About Lawn Mower Safety Tips You Need To Learn To Succeed

Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Fortunately, nowadays there are many alternatives include in lawnmowers whose use depends on the needs of each users. This time we have to deal with the lawnmower, which has its risks that we must know. Knowing the Lawn mower safety tips and capabilities of mowers allows you to use the most appropriate for each job. In this article, we are going to see lawn mower safety tips that you have to consider when using lawn mower.

Lawn Mower Safety Tips
Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Let us see some lawn mower safety tips, which will help us, preserve our personal safety and integrity and, incidentally, keep our lawn healthy.If you know 6 (six) best mower for hills reviews

15 Tips For 15 LAWN MOWER SAFETY TIPS 2020 Success

01. Be careful if you work on steep slopes:

Be careful when driving transversely as the machine could de-compensate and tip over and drop with it. If you cut in favor of the slope be alert with the downhill speed, lest you look dragged by the machine weight. It may be more relaxed to mow diagonally rather than up and down a slope Depending on the position. In any case, the slopes can cause a loss of traction. Never drive your zero-turn mower on slopes of more than 15 degrees. Drive Lawn mower deliberately and smoothly. Do not change the speed or direction suddenly.

02.Use the lawn mower suitable to your needs:

It depends on the garden surface, more or less rough terrain or with stones. You do not have to have a type of monster truck or pretend to build a soccer field with a little electric lawnmower. There are many interesting models, manufacturers, to notify you. Mowing steep slopes, too secure to slopes, the unbalanced ground approximately ponds or retaining walls and channel, can reason serious injuries, defeat of control and traction.

03. Read the instruction book:

Know the machine you are going to use, particularly if you have not used it for a long time or it is new. The instruction manual and lawn mower safety tips will help you work safely. It is important taking a look at all the controls accessible to you. Never take passengers on the equipment. Stones, aluminum cans and cables can be deadly if it fired by the blade. Be careful with holes and ditches these risks can cause the driver to lose control of the mower.

04. Personal eye protection:

We tell you the best Lawn mower safety tips to use with the best safety. When using a mower equipped with roll bars, wear the seat belt. Wear tight clothes with a belt so that nothing that can catch in moving parts hung up. Wear shielding equipment for eyes, hair, ears, hands, and head. If your mower prepared with a turn over guard system maintain the roll bar always up, locked. Lower the roll bar only when essential.

05. Maintain it correctly and do not remove guards:

Use the gasoline or oil mixture indicated by the manufacturer. Do not remove the guards that avoid projections. Grease mower properly and clean it at the end to avoid the cut grass from getting into the machine and rotting in it. If the guards are damaged you should alter them to avoid projections of little stones. The risk of crushing someone’s foot, you had better not use the mower in flip-flops, unless you want to save your pedicure. It is not frequently an expensive replacement, to extend the life of the air filter too much. After several cleanings, it loses effectiveness since there are dirt particles that can pass to the engine and damage it.

06. Handle it gently and rest every so often:

Some unwanted accident disorders may appear if you take it with huge force, swelling in the hands, joint pain, and difficulty in grasping objects white finger syndrome. If the machine vibrates too much, it may be that some element is loose or the motor is not working in an appropriate rotation regime stop infrequently to relax your muscles and recover.

07. Be careful with electricity:

If it is not rechargeable in electric, models remember that, you have a cable connected to the network with any mistake the lawnmower may crush itself and electrocute you. Therefore, see the movements around the garden notice where the cable goes. If it is a rechargeable battery, do not handle the battery and value the recharge times. Make sure that the recharging area has ventilation in case there is a fault in the battery in addition, releases toxic gases. Avoid cutting wet grass, even wet grass favors machine jams more.

08. Safety wear:

Suitable footwear protects the toes and ankle, gloves and glasses or protective screens will provide us good safety. Protection helmets protect us from the sun, eye, and noise. If you are allergic or asthmatic, then you should wear a mask, to keep away from the number of allergens. That will start to float through the air during the plant debris, mites, organic debris task. If you have recently given an herbicide treatment, you should not drive the lawnmower. The remains of pollutants could expose you.

09. Keep isotonic drinks and caloric foods on hand:

Physical effort will cause you to lose electrolytes and spend a lot of energy. Water with a little salt or isotonic drink will assist you not to dehydrate and high-calorie foods will help you not lose much energy. Copious meals can be a disturbing factor when you return to work if you start working intensely quickly. So rest a little before starting work again.

10. Before getting off the mower:

Always disconnect the power to take off, turn off the engine and apply or apply the brakes. When approaching the lawnmower, confirm the blades are not rotating. Do not forget that the blades keep turning for a while after disconnecting them. Regular oil changes will expand the life of your lawnmower engine. Always check the oil level to stop the engine from fluctuating due to a lack of lubrication. This very serious breakdown can end your lawnmower in the garbage can. In any case, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and the commands for use attached to the mower.

11. Do not smoke refueling or using the machine:

The gasoline or oil mixture is flammable and emits explosive vapors. So be careful when refueling, Let the machine cool down and keep the fuel in a place protected from heat. When opening the tank cap Gases released, avoid breathing them and gasoline can even come out that splashes. Avoid staining your clothes with it and do not refuel where you are working, have a secluded and cool place to do it. Ensure that there are no fuel leaks before starting to use the machine and after finishing and storing the machine, remove the gasoline.

12. Be careful when turning:

It may cause the worker to fall from the mower if the rear wheel of traction touches the mower cover box. The mower mounted with the three-hitch system can move out when turning. Add extra weight to the front wheels and separate the rear wheels to get better mower stability and reduce the possibility of tipping. Do not use the lawn mower on too steep surfaces. Operate the mower at an appropriate speed.

13. Clean the air filter and spark plug:

It is handy to verify the air filter according to the manufacturer’s instruction. When removing the filter keep the air handle close so that it does not get into the machine. You can clean the filter by blowing it with pressurized air, soapy water and then drying it or with gasoline. Clean the spark plug with fine sandpaper at the ends and at the point where the spark generates.

14. If the equipment is not in good condition, the risks of problems arise. Know the proper maintenance standards. Check the machinery for loose parts and for sharp blades. Change blades that need sharpening. Rotary mowers are equipped with guides and safety covers. Keep the mower at the proper height so that the mower does not pass over the covers to prevent rotating parts from wear.

15. Grease the blade shaft:

For this purpose, use special grease and use gloves and take great with the cutting elements. Turned off the machine for greasing and secured in such a way that it does not start it accidentally. Keep all covers in place and in good situation.

Let’s Watch a Video for lawn mower safety Tips Reviews

We hope these lawn mower safety tips help you use a lawn mower properly without having a problem. Manufacturers recommend that not to operate a rotary mower due to the danger involved. Young workers can operate a lawn mower with a seat of less than 20 horsepower, but only on level surfaces and under supervision. Federal labor regulations on the work of minors establish that young workers aged 14 and / or 15 cannot run power machineries such as rotary mowers and clippers. If you prefer to trim the natural grass, then we tell you what the lawn mower safety tips to follow to use the lawnmower that best suits you. It is possibly best to start at a higher height and then, as you feel safer and more useful, lower the cutting height until you are satisfied.

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