How to start a riding lawn mower [In 2020]

how to start a riding lawn mower

How to start a riding lawn mower

The lawnmower is exactly the tool that facilitates the grass height at a suitable height. Lawnmowers feature professional engines built to make sure the same durable, easy-starting process that you found in a Lawnmowers. Lawnmowers characteristic is an exclusive blade design that cuts the grass into smaller pieces making it easier to clear grass. These cutters may contain additional features and cruise control. Following a few simple steps will allow you to know how to start a riding lawn mower.

When you finally have your lawnmower at home, one of the first questions you ask yourself is, what should we do to always keep it in perfect condition and that it lasts for many years. After making a significant financial outlay, the last thing we want is for our lawnmower to break down early, or have to go through the workshop for some repair. Also you can know, best mower for hills reviews.

Riding lawn mowers are a handy method to cut great amounts of grass in a little time. When the engine is cold, starting a riding lawn mower may acquire some time. When the engine is cold, Starting will need additional cranking time to shift the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Do not let the starter to crank for more than 15 seconds at a time of starting a riding mower.

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Starting manual

  • Force down the clutch handle with your left foot on the left side of the mower. Place the parking brake with the lever on the mower right side.
  • Shift the gearshift lever into the “N” or “neutral” position.
  • If you are starting a cold engine Pull the throttle control button on the mower left side out to the completely open position. Do not use the choke if the engine is not cold.
  • Place the throttle lever between the slow and fast position.
  • Put in the ignition key into the ignition switch to turn the key to the right. To crank the engine let the starter for 15 seconds.
  • When the engine starts let go the blade control and clutch disc levers to avoid the turning blades and pruner
  • Shift the throttle lever to the primer position to warm the engine.
  • Place your foot on the stepper trimmer covers to assist you to get balance and using your hand to get a firm grip on the mower’s starter rope.
  • Pull the cable starter softly until you feel resistance and then pull hard to start the engine. It may be essential to repeat this step numerous times before the engine starts.
  • Wait 3 minutes to warm up the engine and then move the throttle lever to the priming position.
  • Set the throttle to fast to cut or slow to idle.

Automatic starting

  • Release the blade control and clutch disc levers to prevent the rotating blades and the mower from moving.
  • Turn the switch motor to the early position and hold it there until the engine starts. If the engine does not start in 5 seconds, release the switch, wait 10 seconds and try again.
  • Allow the engine to warm up for 3 minutes and shift the throttle lever to the prime position.
  • Then Set the throttle to fast to cut or slow to idle speed
  • Tips and warnings
  • Make sure your mower has gas before starting the engine.

 How to use a manual lawn mower

How to use a manual lawn mower

Confirm that the ground to be cleaned does not have large obstacles that can block the blades such as large rocks, plastic garbage or too many inclinations on the ground that avoid a good sliding of it. Wear proper clothing and shoes for the activity. Never use a mower with unprotected feet. You need to remember that you are working with a cutter with very sharp blades, you must be careful.

Mowing, transplanting, scarifying, pruning, are some of the processes that must be carried out in green spaces. There will be some of the key factors that will determine the achievement or not of the perfect lawn. We will analyze the most important aspects and we will offer you some advice Therefore, and to help you overcome this process with a note. Thus, you can face mowing without any problem.


One of the recurrent doubts when carrying out the maintenance and care of a garden is the cutting of it. You should know how to start a riding lawn mower and mowing the lawn is not a process that only serves to get better the appearance of the lawn. It will also mean a common improvement of the garden, the plants found in it and your quality of life. You have to cut it at the right time and in the right way to get a beautiful and healthy lawn.

Cutoff frequency

If you have not been mowing for more than a week, do not even think about cutting openly to the extent that suits you. Do not cut once more than a third of the height of the lawn. If you do that, it would be like a penalty for the grass. Mowing times marked by the lawn itself must be respected otherwise all yellow leaves would be exposed. We should not cut more than a third of its total height and repeat this after a few days to avoid this. Your lawnmower is one of the most vital choices in your garden. If you do not have a huge surface to start you will not need self-supporting mowers, with smaller models you will contain leftovers. It is suitable that the engine is gasoline so that it does not lack power in addition you will get free of the annoying cables in the middle of your garden.

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If you follow, the easy tips to know how to start a riding lawnmower that we make clear below you will surely be able to enjoy your lawnmower for many years without damaging it and getting the same results as the first day.

We recommend automatic mowers that work with the sun’s energy if you have a not very big garden. We encourage you to follow the advice we have given tips to know how to start a riding lawn mower so that it cannot damage your garden. In the case that you have a manual lawnmower, you should also maintain it. The good protection and cleaning of the blades be the main concern. You will also have to be cautious with the stones and curbs or you will have to sharpen the blades.

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