15 best Lawnmower Tips and Buying Guide [In 2020]

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If you have a large garden, you have possibly thought about buying a lawnmower. That will save you time and make your job easier and avoid back pain. Lawnmower machine comes into play that is able to cut the surface of the grass perfectly that prevents uniformity. Manufacturers have made improvements to manual machines to ensure comfort at work and excellent cuts in the grass.

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We analyze the major factors that you should think before buying a lawnmower. There are some basic lawnmower tips that you should keep in mind when deciding which lawn mower tips to buy. In this article, we summarize all the information you need to consider to get the best lawnmower tips according to your needs. Without a doubt, you will have the most interesting options for price, quality, and innovation. Despite technological advances, manual work is still an important activity for humans.

Thinks to consider buying the best lawnmower in 2020

01. Cutting width:

One of the main characteristics before buying a lawnmower you should look at the width of the cutting of its blades. Since this will determine the number of passes, you must obtain and therefore the time it will take to have your garden prepared. You must prefer one that has a simple system to change it and gives you several cutting height options. You should look at is the cutting width of the mower. The wider it is, the less passes you will have to build. So you can get the grass to be cut in a long time. Notice that the cutting blades are of quality, at the first with the aim of ensuring that everything is well-cut. The worst thing you can do is buy a model that forces you to make more than one pass through the same site to get a good cut.

02. Features:

The rest of the features height adjustment, wheels, ergonomic criteria are solved sufficiently in all our machines. It has some specific characteristics that are in line with the general quality of the model you choose. For example, the wheels of the most powerful cutters are generally also larger and equipped with higher quality bearing systems. It also happens with the pickers whose dimension is in line with the power of the machine for filling. The most suitable collectors are the flexible ones with mesh fabrics, which very much make easy the collection of grass and the machine is very easy to store. The following characteristics that save time and effort in a lawnmower are the ones that really matter.

Vertical storage: Almost all electrical appliances can be stored vertically in a narrow garage. Some fuel models have special engine seals that also let vertical storage, without the risk of oil or gas leaks.

Hour meter: Some models indicate how long the engine has been running since the last oil change or other maintenance. Some can be linked to a smartphone application via Bluetooth, to track maintenance and order parts.

Charging time and runtime: This applies to electric models, in which these two main factors must be studied carefully, which will determine whether a battery will be suitable or not worth it.

Costs: It is also important to make an assessment with regard to cost in terms of long-term value. Fuel cutters are cheaper from the start, but carry long-term costs that electric cutters avoid.

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03. Power:

Power is another factor to keep in mind. One of the aspects that we are going to value most when choosing a lawnmower without a doubt is its value for money. Different aspects come into play here. Depending on the size of your garden, you must obtain a model that has greater or lesser power. Taking into account that the greater the power, the greater the expense you will have to make. The 4-stroke has a longer useful life, so the investment will be worth it.

04. Size of Garden:

You must take into account the size of the Garden. We recommend buying a lawn mower tips for land or plots that are larger than 2000 m². Since for smaller land with a standard traction mower, it would be more than sufficient. These types of lawnmowers do not get along very well with obstacles and rough terrain. So you should choose one with an appropriate turning radius and sufficient power if you have a terrain with many slopes. The width of the machine will depend on the size of the Garden.

It is significant to respect this relationship between the measures and the cutting width. Since if you prefer a smaller machine than you should, you will require taking many more walks, both to cut the entire ground and to discharge the lawn you are mowing. One point to consider is absolutely the size of the garden to find the perfect lawnmower. Fuel mowers are better for very large spaces, while electric mowers are better for medium yards.

  • Small Garden, less than 150 m²: you will have sufficient cutting width with a lawnmower that has 34 cm or less cutting width.
  • Garden up to 500 m²: you get machines up to 40 cm in width of cut.
  • Garden above 500 m²: you can select between different machines of more than 40 cm of cutting width.

05 . Lawnmower Design

Design can be a thing to consider. Once you have chosen a series of models that you like by characteristics, and then you must choose the model by design. So you can make a purchase tailored to your tastes and your needs. Remember, if you make a purchase that you like, you will take benefit from it much more. The hard work must be done with tools that reduce human efforts, for this all designs bring innovations that give comfort to the user. Do not forget to look for in your ideal model these advanced features a guided handle that adapts to any size of the body. Ergonomic handle for effortless folding and easy storage.

06. Electric, manual or with fuel

Manual cutters tend to be more affordable than electric or fuel models, but you should take into account that an electric cutter is ecological, that the manuals are easy to use and that the fuel ones have greater power.

07. Transmission

It is very important to see what the mower tractor transmission is since we can find several types, such as hydraulic, mechanical, hydrostatic, auto drive transmission, etc. You can also take into account aspects such as the brand of the product, the manufacturer’s warranty, the ease of assembly of the cutter and the convenience of use and maintenance.

08. Mower motor

The size of the lawnmowers motor usually depends on the cutting width of its chassis. The Mower motor offers with modern technologies, which improve consumption and reduce emissions.

09. Chassis

The quality of the chassis and its ease of cleaning are important aspects since to maintain the accurate hygiene of the machine you must regularly clean the knife area. Steel chassis are the strongest, particularly those made of stainless steel. Electric machines generally mount lightweight polypropylene chassis, a plastic also very resistant to weather conditions.

10. Traction:

In the case of gasoline models, which have greater weight, it is appreciated that the machine walks alone to do the job. The most complete models and with engines that are more powerful also incorporate different gears to build it easier to adapt the speed of the machine at your own pace.

11. Cutters:

Sometimes the prairies have areas with walls, benches, street lamps elements that make lawn mower tips accessibility very difficult. For these cases, it is very useful to have a trimmer, which allows cutting the grass of these complicated access areas. If you are only trying to cut some very limited areas you can do it openly with the scissor trimmer, a manual pruning tool.

12. Weight:

Weight is another thing you should look at when buying a quality model. The weight of this machine is extremely valuable. The lighter, the easier transport you will have and therefore the more comfortable the lawn will be cut. We recommend that the handle be easy to use In addition to get good comfort. The important thing is that this work goes from being something heavy to something nice to do.

13. Height adjustment Features:

The height adjustment is something necessary, particularly if you are one of the people who like to have the garden always an ideal situation. If you buy a model that can be adjusted in height, this regulation should always be done without tools and especially in a simple way. It should not take you too long, because then the time you can save on some things will be lost on others.

14. Wheels

Today all brands make an effort to expand the width of the wheels to stop damage to the grass you are cutting and consequently contributing to the beauty of the garden. All models of manual lawn mower tips that are presented in this comparison bring these large-area wheels and facilitate the work in difficult terrain. Machines with rigid tires give stability when executing the cut. The wheels are in line with the casing allows cutting in places near walls and walls.

15. Wash port:

You have to consider that a washing port makes the task much easier as you must clean the lower part of the cutter after each cut. It allows a hose connection to clean, the cuts under the cutting platform without the need to tilt the machine.


After seeing these best Lawn mower tips and buying guides we hope you can follow our recommendations to make the best choice much easier. You can choose the lawnmower that best suits you and the needs of your garden. The handling of electric is much simpler and intuitive, so if you are looking to cut simply and this will fulfill its function. Arranging the garden can take minutes or hours depending on the size of the space or the thickness of the grass. Therefore, a light tool will be the most convenient, particularly if you are a woman and take care of your garden for yourself. At the time of purchase, request the lightweight ones and even load the samples. You will see that the difference will be remarkable.

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